Single mom while being sleepy with plans for the day LOL

So my sister writes me this morning and the mommy stories- to- share- begin! This is what I wrote to her:

Goodmorning Sunshine,  one baby cried 4 or 5 xs throughout night, we did not rest. Older baby cried once, then up with roosters watching tv. LOL They are full of energy asking for food at 0620. I feel sick I’m so sleepy LOL LORRRD! Wanted to support my friend’s zumba class at her church bldg this am…ha! My body is giving me the ‘grandma stare’- in- church-service,  like – ‘I dare you to move.’ Mommy life. I’m glad they are so cute….otherwise…LOL. j/k Why aren’t they sleepy though? LOL They’re singing baby shark. With the clap that goes with the song. They gather around me while they have nearly 1,000 square feet @the moment – to play. No utilization of it; they’re in my personal space singing and banging, happily. One must love the mini versions of one’s self. Or did personal space become a myth once I gave birth to the first one? Did I just write my next blog?

This is truly one of the joys of parent hood. You look back and laugh or miss these things while they’re in school, even college, I suppose. Enjoy and continue to make fun memories with your children! You’re anointed to be what they need. Go go go! You’ve got this!

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